Friday, 18 May 2012

Vitamin C & Salvestrols

Could the use of Vit. C IV`S be interfering with the efficacy of Salvestrol Therapy in that that the purpose as explained by my MD if for the Vit. C to form a collagen over/around the pc cells to stop them from spreading. Maybe the collagen gets inthe way ? My MD told me that Vit. C does not do a good job of killing pc cells but rather stops them from spreading. My MD is not overly concerned with my PSA score. He is supportive of my using the urine test utilized by the N a v v a r o Clinic. This could account for your observations re slow and fast responders as there must be other products such as resveratol and modified citrus pectin that reduce the efficacy of Salvestrol ?? I look forward to your thoughts.
Heres the Reply:
Vitamin C does not interfere with salvestrol therapy. Indeed the two approaches are complimentary. The use of high dose vitamin C with salvestrols is being succesfully used in the Issels Clinic in California.
Many salvestrol supplements contain Vitamin C such as the salvestrol vegetarian capsules. Vitamin C is thought to help the activity of salvestrols and also acts as a preservative preventing the salvestrols from premature oxidation.

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  1. Hi Jez, could you point me to anything related to salvesterols and virus elimination please? Many thanks