Monday, 7 May 2012

Incurable Pancreatic Cancer Responds to Salvestrols

I had a positive result with my pancreatic cancer on just two Salvestrol platinum (4000 points) per day, took them for a month then added vitamin c, multi vitamin with magnesium and selenium as well as 1 capsule per day of an omega 6/omega 3 combination called eye q. Funny because after the MRI scan, the radiologist said the tumour had shrunk on my pancreas, the doctor said they don't shrink and since then it has been called a lesion, I don't give a stuff what they call it, I am alive and 9 months on feeling great. I still take the Salvestrol 1 per day and the other tablets, not taking any chances. Hope the above gives some help to anybody else going through the anguish and rubbish advice from some of the hopeless medical people who say this cancer is incurable.


  1. Hi!
    Are you still alive and feeling well?
    If so, congratulations! I am very happy for you.
    Please reply, I would like to talk to you, as I am very intereted in anything that is treating pancreatic cancer.

    Thanks, Lida.

    1. Hi Lida
      Just a quick reply
      I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Nov2011...had Whipples Feb 2012 T4 tumour partly removed..Chemo April 2012..8 cycles during that time I attended sessions in a hyperbaric chamber every day except Sundays.I started taking savestrols after the chemo plus other supplements....I am know nearly 20 months down the line and feeling good. I work at the hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit as an operator now and am living a full life Ongologist says I am in remission...of the 19 lymph nodes removed only seven were clear