Friday, 11 May 2012

Salvestrols Help Combat Thyroid Cancer

Testimonial - Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed with both indolent and aggressive Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2002-2006, for which I had a total of 12 months of chemotherapy….The really nasty stuff…Nuff said!! I then went on to get thyroid medullary carcinoma in 2008 and had very aggressive surgery to my neck to remove my thyroid and associated tumours…..I still have metastases in my chest and raised cancer markers…I am 5 years in remission from NHL. Why am I telling you this?…well, I am a firm believer in the hypothesis of cancer management ….for the last few years I have been taking a combination of supplements which I feel stops the cancers from growing, and may even eventually kill them…the key ingredient is Salvestrol, an extract from organic fruit…then there is ellagic acid, from raspberries, turmeric, and green tea extract (inhibits angiogenesis in tumours, )….I also take di -indole methane ( from cabbage), which lowers endogenous oestrogens and exogenous xeno- oestrogens…(useful in oestrogen sensitive tumours)…I also take other supplements that I won’t go into here….why do I think they work..well, of course, I should pushing up the daises by now…..the thyroid cancer normally spreads really fast, with many micro mets… far it is just sitting there whimpering and my cancer markers are slowly falling…it was three years ago that I had the first surgery….in fact, thirteen years since I first got cancer..I still have lymphoma lumps around, but they don’t do anything generally…..last year I started to grow a large lymph node in my stomach and thought “here we go again”……so I increased my salvestrol intake by threefold to 6000 points per day, and within three months it had gone…I was amazed, as I was convinced a marrow transplant was pending (the next line of treatment for this NHL…)…I am evangelical about what I am doing/taking…and there’re no side effects from the supplements……if you are interested in finding out more, I have a background in biochemistry/nutrition/medicine, so what I am describing I have fairly well researched..also, Google salvestrols and do some research yourself will find the way they work.

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