Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Salvestrol Gold

Pure Gold ! Salvestrol Gold contains salvestrol T31G as a pure single agent. This compound is active against brain tumours and has also been shown to protect against Parkinsons Disease. Salvestrol Gold is a formulation rich in salvestrol T31G for cancer therapy. The same concentration of salvestrol T31G is also present in the supplement Salvestrol Platinum which is a more powerful formulation containing 3 other salvestrols including salvestrol Q40. Salvestrol Gold contains no salvestrol Q40 and only salvestrol T31G. It is recommended for those wishing to increase their salvestrol intake without any risk of side effects. Salvestrol T31G is the amongst the safest and least toxic compounds ever found and is as safe as sugar. There has not been any reported side effects even on very high doses (100 capsules daily) and is completely safe to take at regular doses of between 1 to 10 capsules daily. It is recommended for the elderly who need a more gentle therapy. The recommended dose of Salvestrol Gold is:

Parkinsons Disease 1 capsule daily

Multiple Sclerosis 1 capsule daily

Breast Cancer 3 capsules daily

Brain Cancer 6 capsules daily

Liver Cancer 3 capsules daily

Prostate Cancer 3 capsules daily

This can also be taken alongside Salvestrol Platinum for added effect especially against brain cancer.

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