Monday, 14 May 2012

New Book on Discovery of Salvestrols

A new book has been published by Dr Brian Schaefer detailing the background to the discovery of salvestrols and why they are important in the treatment of cancer.

Salvestrols - Nature's Defence Against Cancer

Salvestrols are a new class of natural compounds that have a pharmacological definition rather than a chemical definition. They are defined by the action of the metabolites produced when they are metabolised by the CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer cells. Simply put, salvestrols are food-based compounds that are metabolised by CYP1B1 to produce metabolites that are anticancer agents. These anticancer agents suppress tumour growth by killing the cancer cells. Salvestrols provide an explanation of the link between diet and cancer and between fruit and vegetable consumption and lower cancer incidence.

Readers Comments:

I have just read brian schaefers book- "Salvestrols natures defense against cancer" and am in awe of the incredible work that has been done to get Salvestrols available as they are now, and of the research going into the testing to monitor the progress and efficacy of treatment. The book is superbly written in an easy to read format. I highly recommend it to any one with any cancer challenge or interest in a healthy cancer free life.

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