Thursday, 17 May 2012

Salvestrols Beat Breast Cancer

Salvestrols work really well against breast cancer, probably due to the high expression of the salvestrol activase enzyme CYP1B1 in breast cancer cells. In practise there is a very high response rate when salvestrols are used to treat breast cancer. The typical response is cancer regression with tumours shrinking to half their size within 3 months of salvestrol supplementation at 3 capsules (6000 points) daily, and after 6 months are cancer free. In some cases ther is an even more rapid response within a month while other cases show that higher doses are needed. The highest dose needed to obtain a response is 6 capsules (12,000 points) daily.

There have been several cases reported recently to the salvestrol info team of responses at the dose of 12,000 points daily which seems to be the most effective dose so far used. In one case a lady had primary breast cancer that had spread to her brain and consequently she had lost her eyesight and was blind. Her recovery was truely miraculous and 1 month after taking the salvestrols she started to regain her sight and after 2 months the brain tumours had disappeared and she had regained her full sight again. Such feedback to the salvestrol info team is very encouraging and will give hope to many who are in deperate circumstances with cancer and nowhere else to turn for a safe and effective treatment.

Here is an example of a lady who had stage 3 breast cancer and recovered by taking salvestrols:

A 36-year-old woman was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer, following biopsies and blood tests. A 3-5 cm tumour was found under the right breast and a larger tumour was found in an underarm lymph node. The breast tumour looked the size of a golf ball on the image. She was told that her situation was really serious. After her first round of chemotherapy she learned about Salvestrols, and began taking one (2,000 point) Salvestrol Platinum capsule per day. Feeling ‘rock bottom’ at the time she skeptically wondered how on earth these capsules were going to help. Consequently she was very surprised to find that the pain associated with the tumours soon disappeared and the tumours began to shrink quickly. She began to feel that ‘she was going to be OK.’ This prompted her to learn more about Salvestrols and after learning more she switched to a completely organic diet. This simultaneously increased her intake of Salvestrols and their cofactors. Prior to her next chemotherapy session she was examined by her oncologist who remarked that she thought that the tumours were gone. Ultrasound and mammography were scheduled to assist the surgeons. To everyone’s surprise the radiologist could find no trace of the tumours through ultrasound and only a shadow was visible on the mammogram, so it was decided that surgery was unnecessary. She continues to take 1 capsule per day of Salvestrol Shield (350 point) as a preventative measure and has noticed her periods have resumed. Four months after refusing further chemotherapy her hair has grown back and she reported that she looked and felt wonderful.

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