Friday, 18 May 2012

Salvestrol Enhancing Supplements

The majority of supplements are completely safe to take with salvestrols. In fact there is only one real exception which is Laetrile (B17) which inhibits the CYP1B1 enzyme and prevents the salvestrols from working. So the only supplement that interferes with Salvestrols is Laetrile (B17). This is an extract from apple and apricot seeds and contains cyanohydrins. These break down in the liver to generate cyanide. The cyanide generated inhibits the CYP1B1 enzyme so that it cannot function. So in the prescence of Laetrile salvestrols cannot work properly, and this supplement is to be avoided when using salvestrol therapy.
All other supplements are compatible with salvestrols and some may enhance their action.
Enhancing supplements are
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Vitamin C
Some other supplements also contain salvestrols such as Essiac Flor-Essence (100 points).
The testimonial on testicular cancer showed that salvestrols worked to shrink the testicular cancer without recourse to chemotherapy or surgery.
When tumours have a low level of CYP1B1 the expression can be increased by using an inducing agent. One such inducing agents is Salvestrol T55 which is now incorporated into the Salvestrol Platinum product to boost CYP1B1 levels. In this respect supplements containing the indoles I3C and DIM would also be useful since these agents can increase CYP1B1 expression levels. These can be obtained from brassica family vegetables and supplements containing indole 3 carbinol (I3C) and DIM are available.
Salvestrol Platinum contains 4 different salvestrols all working in harmony together to produce the optimum results. Each aids the action of the other and together they make a powerful product.


  1. Hi Jez, thank you for your very informative posts. Please would you comment on consuming Flax seed oil or flax seeds whilst taking Salvestrols. I read that flax seeds could lessen the effect of Salvestrols in the same way as Apricot kernels or Vit B17. However, I haven't been able to find any reference to flax seeds in your writings or any other blog. Please would you confirmthe validity of this statement. Kind regards Debbie

  2. It is only concentrated supplements of B17 that should be avoided when taking salvestrols. Dietary sources such as flax seed do not interfere with the salvestrols and are OK to take alongside them. Many cancer patients use flax seed as part of their anticancer diet and this seems to work well in combination with salvestrols.

  3. Thanks for your response jez. I have just read brian schaefers book- "Salvestrols natures defense against cancer" and am in awe of the incredible work that has been done to get Salvestrols available As they are now and of the research going into the testing to monitor progress and efficacy of treatment. The book is superbly written in an easy to read format. I highly recommend it to any one with any cancer challenge or interest in a healthy cancer free life. Can you please tell me if the use of copper Sulfate as a spray for example on lemons tomatoes or potatoes as a fungal disease preventative would have the same detrimental effect on Salvestrols efficacy as chemical fungicides as recommended against in many writings about Salvestrols. There seems to be quite a division of opinion as to whether it's use is acceptable in organic growing of fruit and vegetables. My interest is only in it's effect on salvestrol levels in home grown produce and effect on salvestrol treatment of cancer. Many thanks. Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie, thanks for the feedback on Brian Schaefers new book. I thought he did a good job in getting over a complex area in an understandable way.
    I cant say for sure what the effects of copper sulfate will be on crops but if it has antifungal properties then it will probably deplete salvestrol levels since salvestrol levels are highest when the plant has to fend for itself.

  5. Hello Jez
    Thankyou for starting this very informative blog...please could you comment on the use of cats it ok to use alongside Salvestrols....also have you a list of food and supplement inhibitors of CYP1B1 expression. Thanks Jon

  6. Cats claw is fine to take with Salvestrols but Cats Whiskers (Java Tea) is even better.

    Here is a comprehensive list of inhibitors of CYP1B1 activity:

    1. Amygdalin (Laetrile, B17)

    This is the only supplement to avoid when undergoing salvestrol therapy. Surprisingly a high percent of cancer patients are taking B17 as an anticancer supplement but this should be ceased to get the best out of salvestrol therapy.

  7. Thankyou so much Jez. One question germinal cancers do they express CYP1B1....looking at extra gonadal issues.... Thankyou for the info about Java Tea (cats whisker). I also drink sage, rosemary, grean teas.

  8. Hi can I just check that flax seed oil and seeds and nuts do not cause a problem in salvestrols working, as somebody else on a forum has said they have told by prof Dan Burke, that it does interfere and not to take them?


  9. Hi NatX

    Flax seed oil and seeds and nuts do not interfere with the Salvestrols and are OK to take alongside them. Flax seed is part of the Budwig diet which some cancer patients follow as well as taking salvestrols.

    It is only concentrated B17 supplements that should be avoided which are otherwise known as Amygdalin and Laetrile.

  10. The consumption of large amounts of apricot kernels or bitter almonds should also be avoided since these may contain high levels of B17.

  11. Thanks for the fast response, have let them know on the forum as someone was saying they should not be consumed..
    I eat flax seeds and oil and nuts daily on the Budwig as well as take salvestrols.
    So great to know :)

  12. Hi Jez,

    Can niacinamide be used as an alternative to niacin for enhancing salvestrols?

    And what kind of dosage should be used for the various enhancing supplements?


  13. Hi Jez,

    Thank you so much for all your work! I started a Face Book group titled "Salvestrols" and I have 80 members at the moment. I'm trying to put some files together for them and I would love to add some much needed info from your blog along with the location link if I have your permission to do so.

    Thank you so much.

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