Thursday, 3 May 2012

Salvestrols Help Combat Ovarian Cancer

Testimonial – Ovarian Cancer
I am 56 years old and postmenopausal.  In the fall of 2005, I experienced excruciating episodes of pain in the area of my left ovary.  An ultrasound in November revealed a complex cyst obscuring my ovary about the size of a medium grapefruit.  My Ca 125 was elevated to 68 (0-35 is normal).  My medical doctor said the likelihood was very high it was canerous and recommended immediate surgery.  My gynecologist (a surgeon) agreed that a surgical appointment was needed urgently.  After careful consideration and prayer I decided that, however much time was left to me, I did not want to “go out in pieces” with surgery.  So, I embarked on an intensive alternative program (of which the centerpieces were the natural substances IP-6 and salvestrol) with periodic ultrasounds and blood work to monitor my progress.  In January 2006, my CA 125 had dropped to 39 and the volume of the cyst had decreased by 57%.  In April, the CA 125 was 14 and there had been a 93% drop in volume of the cyst.  Finally, on July 5th, the ultrasound report said the cyst had been “resolved”.  No sign of it could be found.  (The technicians were so astounded they repeated the exam, just to make sure there were no mistakes.)  I feel that a death sentence has been lifted from me.  My energy, colour and feeling of wellness has completely returned and I am profoundly grateful for the gift of life.  The following will provide more information on the lab analyses and nutritional program.
Supporting Nutritional Program

The supporting nutritional program evolved over the above period of time (Nov. 2005 – July 2006).  Certain supplements such as salvestrols and IP6 had a prominent place right from the beginning; now that the cyst has resolved they continue to be taken as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule.  Other supplements were introduced at different times and were taken for varying periods and doses as the need indicated.  Thus, the profile went through a series of changes as items were added or dropped or their doses altered.  However, all the products taken had their part and each served a useful purpose during the healing process.  The following is a listing of the various supplements used at some point in the program.  Note that daily vit/min and other usual additions to the diet were also taken.  Colonics were a major help.
IP-6:  Centerpiece of program to normalize cells.  40 capsules per day taken for 6 months.  24 caps per day continuing.
Salvestrol – 6,000 points per day. Increased energy and well being.  Seems to work synergistically with IP6. 
Also:  Allimax, Berry Green (new chapters), Dr. Reckeweg R34, Env Cl (Kroeger), Friar’s balsam, ginko biloba, magnesium tabs/pwd, Pau d’arco tincture, Sun Chlorella liquid extracts and tabs.

Note: IP6 is Inositol Hexaphosphate (also known as Phytic Acid) which is a natural product extracted from brown rice.

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