Friday, 11 May 2012

Salvestrols Against Thyroid Cancer

In studies against thyroid cancer cell lines, salvestrol T31G and salvestrol Q40 were the most effective inhibitors found. These two compunds are included in the supplement Salvestrol Platinum. Salvestrol T31G was shown to inhibit cancer cell signal transduction and induce apoptosis. Salvestrol T31G may provide a new approach for the treatment of human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma for which no effective therapy is presently available.

Another study compared the effects of genistein, salvestrol T31G, salvestrol Q40, chrysin and other flavonoids on human thyroid carcinoma cell lines. Among the flavonoids tested, salvestrol T31G and salvestrol Q40 were shown to be the most potent inhibitors of these cancer cell lines. The scientists noted that because these thyroid cancer cells lacked an anti-estrogen receptor binding site and an estrogen receptor, that salvestrol T31G and salvestrol Q40 are inhibiting these cancer cells via mechanisms involving CYP1B1 bioactivation. CYP1B1 is highly overexressed in thyroid cancer cells and represents an attractive target for salvestrol therapy. Salvestrol T31G and salvestrol Q40 may represent a new class of therapeutic agents in the management of thyroid cancer.

Cancer prevention and treatment
anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, antiangiogenic properties
Salvestrol Q40 inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells, as well as in vitro angiogenesis. Inhibition of extensive neovascularization can contribute to prevention of certain chronic diseases, including solid malignancies. Salvestrol Q40 shows strong antiproliferative activity against different human cancer cell lines, and in some hormone-dependent cancer lines such as breast, prostate, and thyroid cancer for instance.
Salvestrol Q40 inhibits many tyrosine kinases, enzymes that are involved in tumor cell proliferation and is further activated to the potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor salvestrol Q50 by the enzyme CYP1B1.

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