Friday, 20 April 2012

Long Term Cancer Survivors Recommend Salvestrol Platinum

10 Year Survivor of Prostate Cancer Recommends Salvestrol Platinum.

In early 2002 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy. It was moderately aggressive (Gleason = 6) and involved both lobes. When the PSA rise got to be alarming I decided to try other options, since the cancer had already metastasized to other areas of my body. I was told that the doctors could offer no cure and that at the rate the PSA was doubling I would likely live less than 5 years .  In 2004, I started taking Salvestrol Platinum daily after hearing about it from a friend who had heard Professor Gerry Potter speak at a lecture in Penticton, BC Canada.  When I next went to the Cancer Clinic I had had another PSA test. Interestingly, it seemed to indicate a possible slowing of the tumour growth. When I returned home from the Cancer Clinic I used an equation to find the doubling time and I was able to determine that the PSA had previously doubled every 4 months. This is very bad news because a short doubling time indicates fast tumour growth. However, during the first two months of taking Salvestrol the doubling time lengthened to 20 months. During the next three months the doubling time lengthened again to 40 months (which is very good). This means that the tumour growth rate had slowed to a crawl from its very rapid growth only 5 months earlier. Based on these results, I calculated I will die of other causes before the cancer is a concern. I have been very conservative in my dosages. One capsule of Salvestrol Platinum per day was used during the first two months and then increased to two capsules per day for the last three months.
When I first saw my urologist after taking the salvestrol supplements he declared that the PSA result must be a lab error. The next time I saw him, with an even better result, he could see that this was not a lab error and he wanted to know what I was doing. He asked for information about Salvestrol and said that he was going to investigate it. He said that I seemed to be on the cutting edge of current research.
Based on my experience and the information that I have gathered, I recommend Salvestrol Therapy to anyone that has cancer of any kind or is at risk of cancer. I am writing this for people to read because I believe that a great deal of unnecessary suffering can be avoided by using Salvestrol as a preventative (low dosage) or a curative (higher dosage) for all types of cancer. It is safe to take even at high doses and can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments recommended by doctors. If the situation is not an emergency or the doctors have given up, then giving Salvestrol a trial for three months seems like a good plan.

5 Year Survivor of Breast Cancer Recommends Salvestrol Platinum.

I would like to say that I swear by a supplement called Salvestrol Platinum. I've been taking it since my diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer 5 years ago in 2007. Like all natural things, there's no double-blind trials offering scientific 'proof' but the theory behind it makes sense to me so I'm going to keep taking it as long as I live, as it is meant to be highly 'anti-cancer' and as a bonus it seems to do wonders for my skin. After diagnosis, I stopped taking lymecyclene and thought I would just have to put up with nasty spots. But as soon as I started taking Salvestrols the improvement in my skin was astonishing and fast. They are not expensive at about £1 per day. I'm lucky that I can afford it - I buy supplements and good food rather than spend my money on meals out, etc. That's my suggestion. Good luck with whatever you decide to try.

It's not my profession or anything to do with making money. This is material I researched myself upon diagnosis, because I wanted to try and help myself rather than rely just on what conventional medicine offers/insists on, and I think this advice will help others who have breast cancer. The main evidence I have is that I have recovered from cancer and feel much better than before I was diagnosed - and I mean both physically and mentally better. When I stray from my routine of diet and supplements, it shows in my skin very quickly - so I have come to believe my skin is a 'barometer' of my internal health.

Salvestrols are based on the idea that the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties of fruits and veg reside in the skin of the fruit and have been largely destroyed by food processing and the last 6 decades of industrial farming. So even if you eat lots of fruit and veg, they may no longer provide you with the healthy nutrients they did when agriculture was more natural, when the plants had to use their own immune systems to fight disease - rather than pesticides and fungicides doing this for them.

So Salvestrols are made from older varieties of fruits and veg, ones that have not been industrially farmed, and therefore retain their own immune defenses which are beneficial when eaten. In terms of cancer, salvestrols are said to be able to break through the protein coating of cancer cells, and trigger an enzyme inside the cancer cell to make it die.

That's the theory.

Best wishes, B

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